• Reflex Cushion

Reflex Cushion


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Therapists recommend the Varilite Reflex for clients who are at moderate risk of skin breakdown. They value the Reflex because the set amount of immersion conforms to the client’s body, providing comfort and added stability. It is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals and other clinical environments where an effective, low maintenance skin protection wheelchair cushion is required. Users and caregivers value the simplicity and ease of use of the Reflex. The ultra-lightweight design of the Reflex helps conserve energy expenditure for clients who manually propel.

    • Foam - Reflex foam has functional areas created by two types of foam and an area of perforation. Firm foam is used for the perimeter and medial thigh separator, and medium foam is used for the thigh troughs and pelvic bucketing. Perforated foam in the sacral-ischial area provides maximum protection of the decubitus-sensitive area of the ischial tuberosities (ITs)

    • Fabric - Reflex foam is bonded to puncture and water-resistant polyester fabric for strength and durability.

    • Air-Release Device - A built-in air-release device automatically releases a portion of air when the user sits on the cushion. The air-release device allows a fixed amount of immersion and prevents bottoming out. When weight is taken off the cushion, it automatically re-inflates.

    • Cover - The Reflex features a tailored, removable incontinence cover. The underside is a rugged nonslip material with hook and loop for added security. Machine washable.