• Ornamin Non Slip Cup Flower Orange and Red

Ornamin Non Slip Cup Flower


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  • Red and Orange
  • Yellow and Green
  • Yellow and Blue
  • Red and White
  • White and Blue
  • White and Yellow
  • White and Green
  • White and Red

The Non-Slip Cup with Flower has more to offer than pretty design and outstanding durability. The colourful decor is made out of a special non-slip material. That creates the non-slip function and makes the flowers not only nice to look at, but a discreet and very practical grip support. Thanks to the pleasant grip, the haptics are improved noticeably and drinking with clammy or shaky hands is not a problem anymore. Additionally, the plastic cup offers secure grip to small children’s hands which makes it a great option for birthdays and parties.


  • Ideal for wet or shaky hands and insensibility of fingers
  • Firm grip also for childrens hands
  • Break-resistant, durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
  • Made in Germany

  • Capacity - 220 ml
  • Height - 10 cm
  • Weight - 42 g
  • Material - Polypropylen / TPE (Bisphenol-A-free)

Download PDF Catalog: Novis-OrnaminRange-2017.pdf

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