• Etac Light cutlery

Etac Light Cutlery


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  • Thick Fork
  • Thick Knife
  • Thick Dessert Spoon
  • Thick Spoon
  • Thin Fork
  • Thin Knife
  • Thin Dessert Spoon
  • Thin Spoon

The Etac Light Cutlery range helps facilitate eating when mobility in your hands and arms are restricted. Ergonomically designed, each piece of cutlery has its own unique shape and design according to its own specific usage and has been designed to compensate for reduced hand function. 

Two options of the Etac Light are available;

Etac Light cutlery, thick handles
Thick handles enable a relaxed grip, with strain on the fingers reduced  due to the shape and lightweight design of the cutlery. 

Etac Light cry, thin handles
Thin handles allow a comfortable grip between the fingers and offer a functional grip when strength and mobility are so restricted that lifting the hand requires turning the palm of the hand upwards. Long handles also mean that  the cutlery doesn’t need to be lifted as high as with a short handles.

Designed in co-operation with users and carers - the Etac range offers the best in design and quality.

  • Size - 18 cm (7”) 
  • Weight - 27 g (1 oz) 
  • Materia - Utensil parts: Stainless steel Handle: ABS plastic
  • Design - Ergonomidesign

Download PDF Catalog: Novis-EtacCutlery-2017.pdf

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