• Abena Abri Let Super Airlad

Abena Abri Let Super Airlad


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Abri-Let is an absorbing rectangular pad with a soft and ultrathin core which also contains SAP (Superabsorbent polymer). The product has an airlaid back sheet and therefore is fully breathable. It can be used as a booster for extra absorption when used together with a primary continence aid. It can also be used as a maternity pad or an absorbing pad in case of wound care and can be sterilised. We recommend Abri-Let products to be fixated with our Abri-Fix fitting range.

  • Full breathability
  • Can be sterilised, making it suitable for use after operations
  • The multipurpose pad used as a maternity pad, booster or absorbing pad for wound care
  • Quick absorption-long fibres spread the liquid quickly and efficiently
  • Odour system: reduces the risk of unpleasant odours


  • Pack Count - 100 Units per pack
  • Carton Count - 6 Packs per carton
  • Capacity - 140ml
  • Waist Size - 12x32cm