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Aids for Daily Living

We supply a large range of daily living aids to help you and your loved ones with everyday tasks such as gripping, turning, eating, writing and dressing.

Designed for people with limited flexibility or reduced strength and mobility in their arms and hands, our ergonomic products help reduce the strain on muscles and joints and give users a greater independence for an improved sense of well-being.

Bathing and Grooming Aids

A range of simple yet clever daily living aids designed to make bathing, washing and personal grooming all that much easier.

Dressing Aids

Products that help with various everyday dressing tasks. Designed specifically to help and support when strength and mobility are restricted, they protect and relieve the strain on muscles and joints, giving an improved sense of wellbeing and independence.

Cooking, Eating and Preparation Aids

Clever aids for daily living designed to make everyday cooking and food preparation tasks easier, and promote independence in the kitchen.